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Curriculum Programs

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Descriptions of various curriculum program offered to students at Level Grove

The Discovery program is for students identified as gifted and talented and provides academic work that extends beyond the learning opportunities provided through the regular classroom.  This program is housed at Demorest Elementary and students are transported once a week to the center.  Critical and creative thinking skills and creative problem solving are major curriculum focuses at the Discovery Center. Please see the Habersham County School system website for more information about the Gifted Program.

Early Intervention Program (EIP)
The Early Intervention Program provides additional instructional support to students identified as performing below grade level. This program helps equip these students with the necessary academic skills to reach grade level performance in the shortest possible time.

English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is an instructional program for eligible English Language Learners (ELLS). The goal is to have students succeed in all four language skills both academically and socially in order to understand and function successfully in American culture.

Bright From the Start Pre-K Program was established by the Georgia Department of Education to provide four-year-old children in Georgia with a high quality preschool experience. The main goal of the program is to better prepare children for success in kindergarten. The program emphasizes teaching children readiness skills in a nurturing and fun environment. By participating in the Bright From the Start Pre-K Program, children will be better prepared socially and academically for their kindergarten experience. Level Grove has one pre-K classroom of twenty students.
Applications may be picked up from the school in early spring. A lottery is held in late spring if there are more than forty applicants for the two classes.

Preschool Readiness Education Program (PREP)
PREP is a program operated by the Habersham County School System. It is designed to serve three-four-and five-year-old students with special needs. To receive PREP services, eligibility must be determined and an Individual Education Plan written. The first step in this process involves obtaining the parent’s written consent for an evaluation and completing a referral form.
PREP services include:
Preschool special education, speech and language therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, support services for parents and all care providers. Special Education services are center and school-based.
PREP serves the following disabilities: autism, deaf/hard of hearing, emotional/behavior disordered, learning disabled, intellectually disabled, orthopedically impaired, visually impaired, other health impaired, significantly developmentally delayed, speech language impaired, and traumatic brain injury.
There are no charges for PREP services. PREP is funded by State and Federal Preschool Special Education grants, as well as receiving funds from the Habersham County School System.

Special Education
Special Education (SPED) services are offered to students who qualify for services based on a diagnosed exceptionality. The goals of educating students with special needs revolve around the fundamental belief that special education is a service not a location, that all students can learn and students should be educated in the least restrictive environment.

The Speech and Language Impaired Program provides the support that is needed for students who are having difficulty producing sounds correctly, understanding language concepts and communicating their wants and needs.  This program helps these students to be better able to learn and communicate in the school and community settings.