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Get Real Celebration
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Wednesday, October 11, 2017
Mrs. Jennifer, Get Real speaker, singing Lean on Me with 3rd-5th grade
Mrs. Jennifer, Get Real speaker, singing Lean on Me with 3rd-5th grade

Hailey Smith from Mrs. Carlan’s third grade class went to Mr. Medders’ class because she wanted to learn about the Get Real Celebration. The Get Real Celebration is an assembly meant to encourage students to stay positive and never give up. In the assembly three girls were told to rip a single glove. They noticed that it was way too easy to rip the glove. Mrs. McDuffie, the Get Real speaker, braided three gloves together and had the girls try again to rip the gloves. This time, they noticed that together, the gloves could not be ripped. Mrs. McDuffie asked that Mrs. Bailey, local third grade teacher, and Mr. Medders, local fourth grade teacher try to rip the braided gloves. Both teachers failed.

Hailey interviewed Mr. Medders about how he felt about not being able to rip the gloves.  He replied “I felt weak and powerless.” Next, she asked him if  he actually tried to rip the braided gloves. He answered, “I  tried my hardest.” Third,  she asked him which  two teachers danced to the YMCA with him. He said “Mrs. Jenkins & Mrs. Trotter, I believe.” Last, she asked him if he liked the celebration.  To the last question, he said  he thought it was a great lesson on not breaking a group of friends



Hailey Jolee Smith & Alyson London



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